Mike Kafka's VooDoo Trainer

Tim McManus brings us the story of Mike Kafka’s trainer, Jay Schroeder, who has been with him since the QB’s sophomore year of college:

[Schroeder’s] technique literally came to him in a dream, and is based on the assumption that all humans are naturally fast, strong and powerful — it’s just that bad habits and external elements have essentially trained the mind wrong since birth, stunting some abilities. So he retrains it.

Through a series of tests performed by stimulating the nervous system, Schroeder unearths what muscles are not working and which ones are working out of order. Once that is determined, he sends messages to the brain via an electrical modality called POV (for force velocity) that gives the proper information on how to perform what you want to perform.

I can’t be the only one that thinks this doesn’t pass the smell test. Besides, if he’s been working with him for so long, why are the results only evident now? Here’s Schroeder’s website. And more of his SUPER ADVANCED training methods:

“We taught him how to lengthen the appropriate muscles at a high rate of speed so that he could decelerate in the appropriate means, which in turn tells your brain that you can accelerate at a higher level,” said Schroeder. “We prepare him to recover from the strain of arm strength.”

So… Kafka’s been lifting weights?

Birds 24/7

It’s rather sparse now, but Sheil Kapadia and Tim McManus are live at their new Birds 24/7 blog at Philly Mag. They’re good guys and good writers.

Bookmark it.

'I Love You, Too'

Tim McManus, from the Michael Vick “V7” clothing line unveil:

Judging by the fan reception, the feeling is mutual. Almost everyone who approached Vick tried to push the envelope: Maybe I can get just one more thing signed? How about a handshake? A picture? A hug? This is the year, they’d say. I can just feel it. One lady was so overcome that she began hollering in Vick’s direction as soon as she got into earshot.

“I’m going to fall over, oh my goodness,” she cried. Vick played it up, and when he got an, “I love you Mike,” he responded, “I love you, too” to the entertainment of the crowd.

It was all love. And when you reflect on a time not too long gone by, that is astounding all in itself.

The headline seems a little far-reaching, but Vick has certainly come a long way. See also: Tom McAllister on Vick.

Keep an Eye Out

Sheil Kapadia announced today that he’s leaving his Moving the Chains blog behind at Philly.com. But what could have been a dreary day for the Eagles blogosphere instead became a bright one. Turns out that Sheil and 97.5 The Fanatic beat reporter Tim McManus will team up to cover the Eagles with a new blog at Philadelphia Magazine.

Kudos to both of them, especially friend of the blog (and Eagles Almanac author) Sheil, who now gets to write about the NFL full-time (to his readers’ benefit). Be on the lookout for when they kickoff in a few weeks.

How Drew Rosenhaus Wooed LeSean McCoy

Tim McManus:

Two of the candidates rented out a hotel conference room to hold their presentations. A third, by the name of Drew Rosenhaus, made no such reservations but showed up anyway with his top aides in tow, ready to take over.

The hotel manager intervened and noted that the room had only been reserved for the last two men, to which Rosenhaus responded by slapping a pair of American Express black cards on the table and saying something along the lines of, “Take whatever. Bill me.”

There’s the Drew we all know and love. Read on for the gag-inducing love notes Rosenhaus has for the Eagles front office.

Pessimism Be Damned: DeSean Tagged, Will Sign

Eagles Insider, at 4:21 PM:

Eagles have placed their franchise tag on WR DeSean Jackson. More details to come …

Tim McManus, at 5:48 PM:

DeSean plans to sign franchise tender ASAP, I hear.

The Infallible Reid Fallacy

Tim McManus, for Philly Sports Daily:

Is there any way a man so meticulous would be blind to the fact that Castillo, who hadn’t coached defense since the 1980’s (at the high school level, no less) might fail early and often during the transition from offensive line coach to defensive coordinator? If I can project struggle, and you can project struggle, are we really buying that the Head Coach and Vice President of Football Operations for the Philadelphia Eagles couldn’t project struggle?

Did I fall asleep and wake up in a land where we all think Andy Reid is incapable of making the wrong decision?

If we are to dismiss the notion that he acted out of arrogance, the only logical conclusion to come to is that Reid was operating under a two-year plan.

Or that he was just wrong. What post hoc nonsense.

Perhaps even more bizarre is that McManus wrote less than a week ago how the Eagles had begun “to spin to stay the course.” Looks like someone bought it hook, line, and sinker.